Healing after a Back or Spinal Injury

There are many different injuries that can affect your body. If you break a leg, you might have to wait several months before your leg heals. This can cause serious distruptions in how you live your every day life. You might not be able to drive or walk for months and might even have to stay home from work and suffer financially. However, these types of injuries simply take time. Other injuries are less limiting, such as a broken arm or finger.  But there are other ailments that could take place and absolutely destroy your life if not treated properly.  If you suffer from a back or spinal injury that is untreated, it could leave you almost near paralyzed if not treated correctly.

These types of injuries must be handled be a professional neurosurgeon who has years of experience in dealing with these types of serious issues. Neurosurgeons have over 10 years of university education and training behind their belt. Additionally, they must complete case studies and hands-on experienced with a licensed and trained neurosurgeon watching him or her perform various procedures and surgeries.  Neurosurgeons generally target brain injuries or spinal injuries at BayAreaNeuro.com licensed neurosurgeons perform a variety of procedures to insure the best treatment for their patients who are suffering. If you do not seek the aid of a licensed professional, your quality of life could change forever. You will not be able to go to work, walk or play with your children and future grandchildren.  It is essential to first be diagnosed to make sure that your issue is in fact one that can be fixed with a neurological procedure or intervention. Surface level injuries are often healed with pain relievers or muscle relaxing creams.

After you undergo a procedure and treatment, be prepared to be bed bound for several weeks up to months before you are able to continue to live a normal life.  Physicians recommend resting as much as possible and using heat or cold compressors to help diminish the pain experienced after surgery. You may also start introducing casual forms of exercise after a week.  A light walk around the house with a walker or cane is important for someone recovering from spinal surgery.  It is also recommended that you have a care taker or someone with you who can make sure you don’t fall and can help you prepare meals in the event you are physically weak.  It is not recommended to partake in heavy forms of sport or exercise for over 2-3 months after your surgery. Your physician will prescribe you medicine and pain relievers to help you heal through the process and also get you rehabilitated with various forms of exercise until you feel well enough to continue living life normally and exercising as you used to prior to your injury.  Healing is possible but patience is key.

6 Ways to Get Your Kids to Like Brushing

When we were younger, I have vivid memories of my little brother pretending he brushed his teeth every night. He’d test my parents who didn’t believe him: “If I didn’t brush my teeth, then why is my toothbrush wet?” He was convinced that he had them stumped! But sadly, they knew his “Put the toothbrush under the tap for 1 second” trick and that he hadn’t actually brushed his teeth properly.dentistry-health-care
So they had to come up with fun ways for him to enjoy brushing his teeth when he got Dentist in La Mesa so they didn’t need to stand there and monitor him for 3 minutes every time he had to brush his teeth. They had six little strategies they used to get him to enjoy not only brushing his teeth but going to the dentist every 6 months.
1 – Go to a fun dentist. Okay, this seems lavish when we’re only talking about a family dentist, but when we were kids, our dentist had a Sega Genesis in his office. It was amazing! Why wouldn’t you want to go for a check-up or cleaning when you can spend your afternoon playing Sonic the Hedgehog? The only problem was that the dentist didn’t allow us to keep coming when we turned 18. And at that point, we had to find 5 year olds for the controllers.
2 – Buy your kid a fun tooth brush/toothpaste – Now this is just pampering your kid, isn’t it? Not really, for an extra dollar you can get a Disney Cars themed toothbrush versus a standard blue one and your kid might even run to the bathroom to brush his teeth and put on his cool toothpaste! We definitely didn’t have this luxury growing up but I remember being super jealous of my friends with “the little mermaid” toothpaste.
3 – Invest in a toothbrush timer hour glass that is fun and sparkly to put on the bathroom counter. Nowadays, you can pick one of these up at the dollar store and the hour glass will tell your child exactly how long he or she needs to brush their teeth. That way, it’s almost like a fun game for your child because they have to brush their teeth up until the timer runs out!
4 – Watch some of those teeth educational videos for kids! They have plenty of fun educational cartoon videos available on you tube that will teach your children why flossing and brushing their teeth is important to do. I bought my nephew a little plush tooth which he now has a nap with every afternoon and it’s his favorite stuffed animal. If children could start viewing teeth and brushing as a fun activity they do with their friend (Mr. Tooth), then it won’t be such a difficult activity that your child will cry and complain about doing.”


Skinny Fiber Helped Me Lose 10 Pounds

Keeping a fit and healthy body is difficult to maintain. You have to take time in calorie burning and whole effort-straining activities to release fats through sweating. Losing 1 pound without restricting your diet is a stiff to comply. There are some who get rid their fats and excess weight easily, but this is only those fortunate ones who are blessed with a good metabolic activity in the body.

A good looking body equals to a good self-esteem. Feeling good about ourselves will give us the inner thought that we are not inferior of the others. It is one of the important thing that one person must have. If you feel smashingly brilliant about yourself, you can give your best out of it. Your output will be amazingly incredible.

Now for some who don’t have any time for going to the gym or don’t like to restrict their everyday diets because they need so much energy for their everyday work, the solution of taking supplements has come to your service. Fiber which is a food derivatives from plant, which means they are from our nature and all natural. These skinny fiber reviews aides our body to detoxify, releasing the body toxins out of the body through our systems in the process of defecation. It is a water-absorbing and gelatinous and making it bulk in order to sweep all the toxins found in the intestine including the fats that are not needed by our body.

Skinny Fiber Pills is a dietary supplement. Offering a natural weight loss system that will help the body recovery of youthful glow and fitness, this is a fast-acting solution for those who want a flatter tummies and curvy bodies. It works as it stretches out your stomach to give signal to your brain that you are full. It is more effective if it is taken 30 minutes before meal to aid proper absorption and to have its maximum effect. As a fat absorption blocker, simply by preventing new fats from forming again, it allows the old fats to be burn and eliminated first. As metabolic enhancer, this pill helps your body to burn the fats forming in the body so that it will be speedily carried out through elimination.

Absorb the necessary minerals that the body needs, Skinny Fiber has given the body of the best favor. It will help in improving body sugar that will promote circulation and makes your body to become lean and fit. Its active and all natural ingredients are Glucomannan, which is also a dietary fiber, the Caralluma which considers as the “miracle diet” in India, and the last one is Chá de Bugre, which is known with its origin from South America, believe to help in reduction of appetite, means it helps to keep your body from craving. It is known also to produce healthy effects on the heart, reducing fever and eliminate the causative factor like bacteria and toxins, thus infection and inflammation has been eradicated.

Nutrition and Fiber Education for Teens and Youth

Child obesity has become a serious epidemic in the United States, UK, Canada and Australia. It is not clear who the culprit is, some blame the schools and their cafeteria lunches, others blame the parents.

We do not like to place blame, rather, we encourage the education of parents and school workers. People need to be taught about what foods are bad for us and will lead to obesity in both adults and children and which foods will keep us strong, full of energy and lean. One of our health sponsors, skinnyfiberamerica advocates for children and youth to eat more fiber in their diets and to exercise more.

eating healthy and dieting

As you can see in this chart, child obesity has increased dramatically since 1974 for all age groups, particularly children between the ages of 6 and 11 and have gone from skinny to obese.

Jennifer Marie states:

“I was obese as a child and many children laughed at me. Let me assure you, child obesity is no laughing matter. I felt helpless, alone, and had no idea what to do to start losing weight and getting my health back.”

Health education in addition to physical education in schools are one way to combat child and teen obesity.  When children learn why they should consume some foods and why they should avoid others, they are less likely to make poor decisions.  It may seem unfair to some children. Their friends can stuff their faces with McDonald’s happy meals and bags of chips or chocolate puddings at lunch and still are as skinny as a stick.  Other children eat sensible lunches and pig out on the weekends and that weight sticks permanently. Parents need to start giving their children meals that are laden with fiber and vitamins.

A healthy breakfast would start with a tall glass of water, a piece of fruit (preferably one low in sugar such as a granny smith apple or a cup of berries), a 1/2 cup of bran flakes or all-bran in skimmed milk.

For snack at school, another piece of fruit and a small bag of mixed nuts and raisins or a yogurt.  It is essential to have some proteins with each meal in addition to carbs.

For lunch, schools often are responsible for providing the children with their daily meal. This can become very problematic because many children are able to select what they’d like to eat. This leads of course to teens or youth opting for a greasy burger on white bread or a large serving of fries. Top it off with a coca cola and a brownie for dessert.  The child might have just consumed their daily total of allotted calories for their height and weight in just one meal.

This is why we encourage parents and school leaders to protest or promote change in their school cafeterias.  We have an amazing opportunity to educate the kids while they are young so that they will make sensible decisions when older.  Why not take this opportunity and train these kids to be healthy lean machines so they do not suffer from the same problems we did growing up.

If you would like to hear more about our thoughts on child and teen obesity or have other insight to add, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Sponsorship & Exhibition Opportunities

Sponsorship & Advertising Opportunities

The Conference offers the opportunity for your organisation to participate as a Sponsor or Exhibitor at an event where delegates will learn, share and contribute. The program will highlight our continuing endeavours of working with community organisations in providing positive outcomes for vulnerable children, young people and their families.

Various levels of involvement are available, however if there are any other ways in which you would like to participate, the Conference Managers would be very happy to consider your suggestions and discuss these with you.

We wish to extend an invitation to our valued past Sponsors to strengthen their support and alignment, whilst also inviting our new friends to consider the merits of participating in the 2010 event.


A comprehensive Exhibition will run concurrently with the Conference. Exhibition booths and ‘static’ display options are available which will provide companies and organisations with the opportunity to interact with delegates on a face to face basis. There is no better or cost effective way than an exhibition to present your services to a focused audience. Space is limited therefore we encourage interested participants to contact the Conference Managers as early as possible.

For more information on the marketing opportunities available or to book your preferred Sponsorship or Exhibition package, contact the Conference Sponsorship & Exhibitions Sales Executive Nick Cadey Tel: 02 9265 0700 /  email: ncadey@arinex.com.au

Social Program Details for 2015

Social Program

Optional Social Program

The following events are not included in the registration fee for delegates and accompanying persons.  If you would like to purchase tickets please complete the online Registration Form.

Monday 2 August 2015

Welcome Reception
Time: 1730 – 1830
Location: Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre
Tickets:  A$80.00

An invitation is extended to all delegates and registered accompanying persons to attend the Welcome Reception to be held within the Conference Exhibition.  Renew old friendships and make new acquaintances as we welcome you the Conference.

Tuesday 3 August 2015

Optional Conference Dinner                                               
Time: 1900 – 2230
Location: Harbours Edge
Dress: Smart Casual
Tickets: $110.00

The Conference Dinner will be held at Harbours Edge. This stunning venue is situated in the vibrant Darling Harbour precinct and boasts sweeping city and harbour views.

Guests will enjoy an evening of fine dining, entertainment and spectacular views of Cockle Bay.


The services specified in the social program are available at the time of writing. However, in the event that any service(s) become unavailable or minimum numbers are not met. arinex Corporate Special Events reserves the right to alter or cancel the event.

Welcome to ACWA!


The Organising Committee for the Association of Children’ s Welfare Agencies is
excited to announce the next Conference will be held from
2 – 4 August 2010 at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre.

More information on this exciting and educational Conference will be available soon.

For more information, please contact the Conference Managers:

ACWA 2010 Conference Managers

arinex pty limited, Symposium Managers

arinex pty limited

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Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

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GPO Box 128, Sydney NSW 2001 Australia
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